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Lifetime entry door Collection

Front & Exterior Doors Life Time Entry Door Collection

Luxdoor has always provided and installed some of the most innovative vinyl windows in the industry; and now we have added the most unique entry door system the world has ever seen. We would like to introduce you to the Lifetime Entry Door Collection.

By combining our fully automated window manufacturing capabilities with the latest door technology, Luxdoor has the solutions to all your patio and entry door needs.

Our Lifetime Entry Door Collection incorporates superior structural integrity, quality and unmatched performance with our exclusive all uPVC, aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system that offers full customization, including: size, configuration, hardware, colour and glass selection. A selection that is unmatched in the industry today.

The frames are welded on all four corners which guarantees an airtight seal and a perfectly square door frame every time. The structural reinforcement is strategically positioned to strengthen key areas of the frame that support the adjustable hinges and the optional multipoint hardware. Combination units are available with an optional structural aluminum reinforcement for added strength and stability. The frame system is available with our two-tone cap-stock exterior colours (Sandstone, Sandalwood), any of our standard twelve other standard paint colours and a stainable wood grain laminate to match with your panel selection with a choice of fourteen standard stain colours or we can colour match any paint or stain you choose. We also have a two-tone option of an exterior dark bronze lamination with a white interior to complete your selections.

All of the interior and exterior trim accessories are available and match perfectly with our window or door products.

The Lifetime Entry Door Collection is a fully customized entry system accommodating several door options, including Steel, Fiberglass or Wood door panels. Side-lites, transoms and multiple door configurations will no longer require extra production times; our system will handle any custom requests on time, every time. Our professional door installers will provide you with a quality installation, unmatched by other door contractors and installers.

Luxdoor is amongst the best window and door contractors in today’s market. We are proud to serve our clients in the GTA, Halton, Peel and York Regions, including Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.


"In your lifetime you should only have to choose one door for your home"

Enhance your curb appeal and add value to your home by choosing an entrance door from the Lifetime Entry Door Collection from Luxdoor. Simply follow the Step by Step process to create your ultimate entry door:

Step 1:

Choose Your Vinyl Frame System:


Fully welded uPVC 6 5/8" x 1 1/2" frame with aluminum reinforcement


Welded uPVC exterior brickmould available in multiple sizes.


Welded uPVC sill with aluminum reinforcement for strength with offset drainage system.


Aluminum anodized sill cover with extension options of 8 1/2" or 10.0" available in clear anodized or dark


Features dual bulb door bottom sweep with dual fins that sit tightly on the sill designed with an exterior sweep cover with a bulb seal which helps repel water away from seal and prevents air infiltration


Foam filled compression weather-strip remains flexible and helps seal your entryway against moisture and air infiltration.


Vinyl astragal with aluminum reinforcement and dual-durometer triple seal boot design secures the door tightly to the sill providing a superior seal between the door and the sill.


Welded vinyl sash panel with full aluminum reinforcement.


Our standard is 4 heavy duty ball bearing hinges on 7"0" high doors and 5 hinges on 8"0" high doors. These are available in multiple


Add greater security and stability for enhanced door system performance by securing the door in multiple places which is up to 45% more airtight than a door fitted with a traditional single point handle and deadbolt.


Decorative PVC casing adds a finishing touch to the interior frame trim and is available in white and stainable laminate.


Frame cover is used to join the door frame to the sidelites and the transom (both interior and exterior) for an aesthetic look and better air tightness.

Step 2:

Choose Your Door Panel:

Steel Panel

Fiberglass Panel

Smooth | Textured |
Premium Barrington | Craftsman |
Sierra Flagstaff | Avant Guard

Wood Panel

Engineered stiles and rail in real wood

Step 3:

Choose Your Decorative Glass:

Decorative Glass Collection

  • Beauchamp
  • Blackwater
  • Champlain
  • Cumberand
  • Humber
  • Mattawa
  • Muskoka
  • Saint Clair
  • St. Lawrence

Step 4:

Choose Your Finish:

Standard Paint Colours

For Steel, Smooth and Textured Fiberglass door panels

Standard Stain Colours
For textured Fiberglass and Wood door panels

9 Standard Stain Colours on Oak Texture

WCS 550
WCS 552
WCS 554
WCS 556
WCS 558
WCS 560
WCS 562
WCS 564
WCS 566
Step 5:

Choose Your Hardware:

Elegance Entry Door Series

Steel Panel Collection

The Elegance steel doors feature the strength of steel with classic door configurations. High-definition decorative panel profiles create outstanding details that replicate the appearance of a high end wood door and add style and distinction. The lock area is reinforced with a lock block, to provide a solid mounting surface and high-performance composite material is utilized on all bottom rails, to resist rotting. The Elegance Steel door has a smooth, pre-finished white surface that requires no additional finishing or you can choose to have a custom colour painted to match your homes exterior. There are several Decorative Glass inserts available to add beauty and distinction to your entry doors.

Citadel Entry Door Series

Fiberglass Panel Collection

For the look and feel of traditional wood doors with minimal maintenance our Citadel Entry Door Series offers several fiberglass panel and side-lite options. Choose from a smooth surface ready for painting or several Oak and Mahogany grains that can be stained to provide the look and feel of real wood door but with the long-lasting performance of our superior fiberglass. Fiberglass panels are more durable and insulate better than steel and will withstand a wide range of temperatures while still maintaining their fit and finish for years to come. There are several Decorative Glass Inserts available to add beauty and distinction to your entry doors. Our multipoint hardware will increase the performance and security of your door and we provide multiple finish options to complement your entry system.

We also offer several premium series of Citadel Entry Doors: you can choose from our Barrington, Craftsman, Sierra, Flagstaff or Avant Guard series to suit the style and design of your home.

Castel Gate Entry Door Series

Wood Panel Collection

Nothing beats the richness of wood; its splendor and natural beauty bring elegance and warmth to any home. CNC machining along with mortise and tenon construction ensure a quality fit and finish for your Castle Gate Entry Door Series. Door panels are available in 1 ¾" solid wood panels or engineered wood stile and the rails in Mahogany, Cherry and Oak that are ready to stain once you choose from our multiple stain colour choices. No matter what species you select, each piece of wood is carefully examined and constructed to ensure it will live up to the reputation Luxdoor has for high quality products. For superior structural integrity we use Luxdoor's all uPVC welded and aluminum reinforced frame system which includes a sill with full aluminum reinforcement. Our multipoint hardware will increase the performance and security of your door and we offer unlimited finish options to complement your entry system.