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Heritage Collection

HC 101 Casement Windows

The contoured profile adds an architectural element that will create a unique look to your home. The abundance of natural light through your windows will enhance your indoor living space. Standard stainless steel multi-point, self-storing locking hardware insures secure durable operation for years to come. With several custom hardware colors available, your Heritage Collection Casement Windows can complement your interior finishes adding to the beauty of your home. Combining these features with any of our Solar Solutions glass options insures the maximum efficiency, UV blockage and the benefit of reduced sound transmission thru your windows.

HC 126 Awning Windows

Awning windows provide functionality, yet they must also blend in flawlessly as a component of the overall homes architecture. Awning windows open out from the bottom, allowing air to circulate freely into the home. When opened, the window acts as an awning to keep rain out. This can provide much needed cross ventilation throughout the home. They can be matched effectively with picture or casement windows and Luxdoor can provide multiple custom combinations to enhance your homes appearance and increase its efficiency.

HC 151 Slim Fixed Windows

Luxdoor’s slim fixed windows are appreciated by architects and home renovators. Our slim fixed windows are designed with narrow frames that enable viewing areas to be maximized. Of course we have the standard sizes and shapes, but we also offer an unlimited selection of custom architectural requirements, including curves. Our unrivalled engineering makes it easy to replace existing windows with this distinctive design.

HC 176 Casement Fixed Windows

High Profile Fixed Windows create spectacular window effects in a home. And Luxdoor High Profile Fixed windows can be used, with relative ease, to replace existing windows. They can also be combined with other Luxdoor windows, such as Casement and Awning windows, to create an elegant expanse of glass and achieve a higher level of architectural sophistication. The frame of our High Profile windows is structurally superior and is designed to accommodate larger openings.

HC 210 Single Tilt Slider Windows

This window design is appropriate for the side of homes or for smaller rooms within the home. It combines an appealing appearance with functionality. In a Single Slider window, only one sash operates, opening inward and tilting. This allows fresh air to enter your home when desired and makes exterior cleaning easily accessible from the inside. Single Slider Tilt windows are available in two and three-lite combination units.

HC 211-212 Single Hung Tilt Windows

This traditional window design has stood the test of time from the early days of North America to the present. An excellent choice for historic homes or light commercial buildings, where architectural or historical integrity must be maintained. Used in combination with transoms and accessories like our simulated divided light exterior grills your new home can inspire an architectural feel from yesteryear. Single Hung Tilt Windows are designed with a structural frame and sash that fill large openings. Only the bottom sash operates, by tilting inwards. Fresh air can enter and exterior cleaning can be easily done from inside.

HC 260 Double Slider Tilt Windows

Homeowners like it because of the simplicity of its styling and operation, and its easy adaptability to so many home window applications. It’s the ideal solution in cases where space limitations prohibit the use of an exterior projecting window. It’s also widely used because of its relative ease of installation. Double Slider Tilt Windows work very well for large window areas where maximum ventilation is required. They open, yet can also provide an unobstructed view. Both sashes tilt inward and are ideal for multi-story applications.

HC 261-262 Double Hung Tilt Windows

Luxdoor’s engineers have created a Double Hung Tilt Window that satisfies sophisticated styling expectations while providing the maximum flexibility in ventilation options. Far from being simply practical, our Double Hung Tilt Windows offer a home-enhancing classic appearance. Both sashes tilt inward to let in fresh air, yet close securely and are thermally efficient on the coldest days. You can customize your Heritage Double Hung window with either a sloped or if you prefer a pocket sill. All horizontal sash members are reinforced to enhance both security and performance.