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Castle gate Entry Door

Standard Features:
  1. 6 5/8” x 1 1/2" all uPVC welded frame including sill with full aluminum reinforcement
  2. 1 3/4" wood panels, available in unfinished Mahogany, Cherry and Oak ready for stain, with Mortise and Tenon joints and finishes easily and beautifully with any of our 14 standard colour choices or we can custom match any colour of stain.
  3. weeped sill with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover
  4. adjustable self-draining sweep with superior multiple bulb fin system and exterior cover
  5. 4 Ball Bearing Hinges standard on 6'8" height doors & 5 Hinges on 8" height doors in ultra steel finish
  6. foam Compression Weather Stripping
  7. preparation for hardware (One Hole 2 ⅛") with stainless steel adjustable strike plate
  8. when ordering, all hinging should be viewed from outside


  • Available in three sizes; 3' x 6'8", 3' x 8' 3'6" x 8' and three styles; 2 Panel Square Top, 2 Panel Arch Top & 2 Panel Plank Square Top,
  • Available in unfinished Mahogany, Cherry and Oak ready to stain from your choice of one of our standard 14 stain finishes or your custom colour.

Options & Accessories

All uPVC 6 5/8" frame with a multi-chambered design, insulates and prevents condensation.

Our Lifetime Entry Door Collection incorporates superior structural integrity along with quality and unmatched performance with our exclusive all uPVC and aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system to match any existing opening that offers full customization of size and configuration.

Our customers have come to expect nothing but the best from Luxdoor and this is what they get in our glazing options. We offer the best glass in the industry, produced by the most current technology available. This quality goes even further when we apply our gas into the sealed units. The gas is applied right at the time of sealing the glass unit which is a one of a kind system that allows us to certify the gas content in each and every unit.

Let Luxdoor help you create a front entrance that will be the focal point of your home and a true reflection of your taste and style. No matter the size or style of your home, finding a glass style that complements what you have is important. Our decorative glass collection uses solid metals, textured and beveled glass. Together these materials create true works of art. We have a simple guide to allow you to decide what level of "Privacy" is best for you (from clear to obscure) when choosing your glass style. You can also choose from hand soldered metals in three finishes including Brass, patina (black satin finish) and Zinc (brushed chrome finish).

We offer more colour choices than any other manufacturer with eighteen (18) standard paint colours available for our Vinyl, Steel, Smooth or Textured Fiberglass door panels or fourteen (14) standard stain colour choices for textured Fiberglass and Wood door panels plus we can colour match almost any colour of paint or stain you desire.

The Lifetime entry Door Collection has been engineered to incorporate our European locking system. Even the highest quality door is only as good as its locking mechanism, one that will provide the highest security and the best protection against air and water infiltration. The hardware can be chosen with the Botticelli or Fontana handle and trim-set styles, both are available in four elegant finish options. The hardware is available in our Single Point Trimset or Multi-Point Locking System. Your doors will perform beautifully for years to come.